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Board Certified In Internal Medicine

Previously on faculty at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Mankey has opened an exclusive concierge primary care practice in Westlake Hills.

Dr. Mankey understands that your health is your most valuable asset, as it is the vehicle through which you experience life and its great joys. Her goal is to help protect and enhance this resource so you can leverage it to live the life you dream.

Ultra-attentive service, highest quality care, and longstanding relationships are her mission and passion.  She will be your partner and champion in achieving optimal health and wellness. 

Celina G. Mankey, MD

Dr. Mankey thinks comprehensively about your health and well-being.  She strives to integrate healthy habits into every lifestyle with convenience in mind. She also follows the most up-to-date recommendations for preventive screening tests to stay ahead of illness before it occurs. She will partner with you to design and implement your personally-tailored wellness plan.  

Dr. Mankey also recognizes that illness can occur at any time for anyone. She is a compassionate ally who partners with you throughout the challenging course of an illness. She readily shares her extensive knowledge, provides advanced care, and collaborates with you and trusted local specialists - leading the team in your comprehensive and well-coordinated care plan.


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