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Board Certified In Internal Medicine

Everyone has something to say about their experience with Dr. Mankey at Westlake Concierge Medicine. To find out more and to read additional reviews, please visit our page at PatientFusion.

"Dr. MANKEY is an exceptional physician, an attentive listener with skillfull queries that lead to her analysis. Her commication skills are superb as well. I especially appreciate her attention to preventative plans to monitor and address overall health."

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"Outstanding Medical Doctor, the most caring, knowledgeable doctors visit in my adult life (I'm 85 years old). I feel like I am under the best care available in the country."



"Dr. Mankey is a kind, caring, and knowledgable doctor with strong communication skills. She takes the time to research my concerns and to come up with a personalized approach to managing my health care."

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"This was a first class experience. This practice & provider should be used as a model for the primary health care that all Americans deserve today."



"Dr Mankey really listens to me, and understands my questions. She also helps me to work through problems I may be feeling or experiencing in order help me prioritize them. It is wonderful to have time with a physician who actually hears me."


"I can't say enough about Dr. Mankey. She is a wonderful doctor. She is a great listener and a very intelligent and thorough doctor."

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"The best yet. We appreciate Dr, Mankey."

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